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My Story

My name is Vincent Foisy. I’m originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I moved to San Antonio, TX when I was 12 in 2000. I started my real estate career in 2007, starting with 2 flips when I was 19. I did 2 more flips in 2008 before the market crash.

After the market crash happened, I started a concrete and asphalt construction business in 2009. It was very successful for 5 years, but it wasn’t my passion. I wanted to get back into real estate. In 2013, I started working with a partner, then did well enough to go on my own in 2014. In 2015 I was also Naturalized as a US Citizen.

I have always made money in Real Estate. Some made more than others, some small rehabs, and big rehabs. I learned how to manage the contractors, their crews, and different trades. I stay on top of everyone to make sure things get done on schedule and on budget. If I do go over budget it’s because I know I can list the property at a higher price than I originally planned on.

Present Ventures:

  • I'm running my own real estate office closing over 300 real estate transactions.
  • I own rental properties and owner finance notes.
  • I made the move to Multi-Family.
  • I’m a partner in a 279 Unit Apartment Complex in McAllen.
  • I’m also a partner in a 110 Unit apartment complex in Austin, TX

Why I Got Into Multi-Family Real Estate

I’ve had great success in residential real estate but it's very time-consuming to build a portfolio. There are so many moving parts, and it’s very hard to manage single rental properties all over the city. It's very time-consuming and can sometimes be frustrating. If a tenant moves out then that entire asset is not performing because it's only 1 unit.

What attracted me to multifamily, obviously, the bigger numbers but also, it’s as if you had many rental properties in 1 location, one apartment complex. Much easier to manage. Instead of rehabbing individual properties, you are rehabbing an entire apartment complex, one unit at a time, using the same materials, color schemes for each unit. Instead of 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom it's multiple. You can save a lot on material costs and labor. Instead of replacing one toilet, they replace 100 toilets all in the same location.

It’s also a team sport. A group of investors will partner in a transaction each bringing something different to the table. Which makes it easier to do multiple deals when investors share the workload.

It is a much safer investment. Even if a few tenants move out the asset will still perform, and the property manager will find other tenants to fill the unit to bring occupancy back up. It's also much easier to increase the value of a multifamily complex. If you bring down the expenses, increase rents, increase income through the laundry room, designated parking, pet deposit, etc. all those items will increase income which will increase NOI (Net Operating Income), and if NOI goes up the property value goes up.

There are also tax benefits and many more benefits making multifamily extremely appealing.

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